Universiapolis English Club (UEC)

Universiapolis English Club (UEC)

The specific and primary purpose of this club is to engage in educational , cultural and charitable activities , and to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every individual member has the opportunity to develop his/her linguistic skills and to express him/herself.

Rules and Law of the Club :

  • 1 st rule :
    None of the members has the right
    to communicate in any other
    language than English.
  • 2 nd rule :
    No one is allowed to disrespect
    any other member of the club.
  • 3 rd rule :
    We believe in Democracy, so each
    member has the total right to
    express his/her ideas and discuss
    them in the club .
  • 4 th rule :
    We do not accept any act of
    Discrimination or the tendency to
    treat individuals differently
    because of their beliefs , gender,
    race or age etc…

In order to carry out the purpose of the club , the board must :

  • Encourage its individual members to read and to listen analytically.
  • Create and diversify activities .
  • Help its individual members
  • improve their abilities to communicate effectively .
  • Motivate the members and help them whenever they need to .
  • Develop a close relationship between the members of the club .
  • Assist members to fulfill their responsibility towards each others.
  • RESPECT each other and
  • ACCEPT other members’ opinion Each person in the Board has a specific task and has no right to interfere in the tasks of others.
  • The President is the only person who coordinates and oversees the job and divides the tasks of the Board and controls the meetings.
  • No decision can be made without the knowledge of each member of the Board and the agreement of the majority of them.


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